Immersive learning experience in Ireland for Scott College of Business students
A group of undergraduate and graduate students from the Scott College of Business visited Ireland May 11-20, 2023, as part of their immersive learning experience in Dr. Aruna Chandra’s course, Food Entrepreneurship in Ireland. The purpose of the study trip was to gain familiarity with the environment for entrepreneurship in Ireland with a focus on the food sector.
Presentations by Enterprise Ireland and Social Entrepreneurs Ireland provided students with an understanding of the role of supporting public and private organizations in nurturing the growth of new and existing businesses in Ireland. Students also enjoyed visiting iconic Irish landmarks of natural beauty on day trips to Belfast, the Giant’s Causeway, and the Cliffs of Moher.
Students met with and engaged in discussions with entrepreneurs in the food sector to learn about food related innovations intersecting social and sustainability objectives. These visits were directly linked to course assignments and readings.
Visits to educational museums like the EPIC Emigration Museum, Henrietta House Museum and the Guinness Storehouse provided lessons in historical / political context. Guided tours of the north and south sides of Dublin by an exceptional guide provided visual, multisensory lessons on Irish history, politics, and business.
The Scott College of Business crafts unique multi-cultural experiences of this nature to complement a business curriculum attuned to changing global market demands.
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